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Fast Fitness - Easy Handstand for Balance, Upper Body Strength -The Movie

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - a quick, safer way to try a handstand. Standing on hands has many health and strength benefits and can be easily practiced in this way.

My student Dennis, Olympic medalist in wrestling, demonstrates in this short movie. Click the arrow to watch the movie:

  1. Stand with your back about a foot in front of a wall, and crouch to put your hands on the floor (avoid slippery surface)
  2. Put one foot high up on the wall, then lift the other foot up too
  3. To get down, step one foot back down, then the other

To see step by step still photos and more explanation, click the post Fast Fitness - Easy Handstand where David from Belgium shows the handstand plus how to add a nice overhead hamstring stretch.

Keep breathing. Smile. Relax. Send in your own photos of trying this. Be safe and have fun.

Movie © by Jolie

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