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Fast Fitness - Dynamic Partner Balance Challenge

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - fun challenge for body stabilization, strength, speed, and balance with a friend.

  1. Stand facing a partner
  2. Stand on one foot, pressing the other against your partner's raised foot.
  3. Push, pull, surprise your partner with unexpected movement change, all while remaining balanced. Change to push toe to toe and side to side.

Reader Bernie supplied this photo. His inspiring story will be posted in January. He registered for my back pain workshop two years ago, then skipped it to do surgery instead. His doctors told him that since his pain was from structural damage, that no exercise or repositioning would help. Bernie took my class two years later. Although much of the pain was from structural problems, several of which he didn't have until the surgery, we successfully fixed the worsened structural situation.

His story is posted in:

He also demonstrates for us:

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photo by Dr. Jolie Bookspan - www.DrBookspan/research
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