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Fast Fitness - Double Arm Strength, Endurance, Balance, Stability, and Free Inversion Table

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - build on the handstands you have already been doing with Fitness Fixer.

  1. Do a handstand against a wall. An easy way is to stand with your back about a foot or so from a wall, crouch down and put one foot, then the other, high on the wall.
  2. With feet still against the wall, begin to lean your weight until you are holding yourself up on only one arm.
  3. Hold as long as you can. Breathe normally. Leave shoulders relaxed, not tight. Switch to the other arm.
Fitness Fixer reader Robert Davis set his cell phone on timer and snapped this for us:

(if photo does not load, click

He writes why this is a photo, not video:

"Sorry my video requires a lot of phone power so I had enough to snap a shot before I have to charge it.
Angle is kinda odd as it is on a "tv" with my wallet ingeniously holding it in a position so it can see me instead of the floor lol. I need to go and buy a camera.."

If you like lifting weight overhead for upper body strength, you don't need to wait to go to a gym, or to get weights or equipment.

How to get started with a wall handstand - Wall Handstand Success With Liz. Use your brain before trying this. Be safe and careful, obviously.

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