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Fast Fitness - Core Hip & Body, Posture Strength & Balance

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - training and challenging abdominal muscles to hold neutral spine.
Use this, not as an exercise to "do," but to use to retrain neutral spine. Reader Mike, who did a A Whole Big Fix sent this photo to illustrate:

  1. Hold a plank.
  2. Lift one arm straight in front.
  3. Figure out which is the opposite leg and lift that one. Keep straight spine

Mike writes:

"Here's some more feedback on your exercises: it seems the more planks I do with opposite arm/leg extended, the less my hip pops, so I'm doing those every morning for about 4 sets of 10 sec. holds on each side, along with the side planks. Those seem to set my posture off right for the rest of the day. I'm using my hand and wrist muscles to take weight off the bones, as you've said, and my wrists, are getting stronger.

"BTW: my daughter's badminton coach has a PhD in exercise physiology and she's also a big fan of your site."

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