Fast Fitness - Contest: What Does It Take To Sit Upright?
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Fast Fitness - Contest: What Does It Take To Sit Upright?

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - a Contest!

Conventional beliefs about posture include that you must do certain exercises or stretches or strengthening to change your posture. Is that true?

Look at photo 1 and 2 and answer the simple question below:

Photo 1

photo 2
sitting and waiting by magnusdigity.

Submit Your Answer:

  1. What muscle strengthening or stretch is required to change from first (unhealthy rounded) to second (upright) sitting?
  2. Name the muscle(s) and action needed - don't just name a muscle, say which way it needs to pull.
  3. Explain why the same people (with the same tightness or weakness) who sit with the lower spine rounded forward (flexion) often stand with the lower back overly curved inward (hyperlordosis) - just the opposite.

Disregard the leg position in the two photos - the question is not how to move the leg, those were just the two photos I could find. Focus on describing how to change yourself to upright sitting without moving the leg (why? if you need to move the leg, then you are too tight for basic health. This question is how to restore that basic).

Use your brain. Partial credit applies. I will post answers, explanations, and winners.

Hint for success:

  • Sit and try it yourself, don't go only to anatomy books.

More Hints, Related explanations and photos:

Need Another Hint?

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Photo 1 by djwhelan
Photo 2 by magnusdigity
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