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Fast Fitness - Contest for Children (and Everyone) To Learn What They Live

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - a contest for your kids, students, co-workers, and teams to reinforce healthy movement, deeds, and thinking as part of normal everyday life. It's one thing to say it, or read it, and better to do it and live it:

  1. Choose something fun and easy from Fitness Fixer. There are over 670 Fitness Fixer posts so far. Use labels under posts to get categories, for example all Fast Fitness articles, or all reader inspiring stories, or use the Fitness Fixer Index.

  2. Have your group (or self) learn one or more of the methods or activities. It can be anything from learning simple good bending to use all the time, or better sitting for the whole class, to preparing healthier meals with good body positioning, to doing good deeds in your neighborhood or home.

  3. Draw pictures or take photos of what everyone learned and did, write your stories, and send them in.

A child who lives with healthy ways learns health as a lifestyle. Use your brain. Have fun. I will post the winners - everyone who tries.

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