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Fast Fitness - Can You Do Plank Chess?

photo taken by me of one of my chess sets on 4...

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - great concentration, body strength and endurance for almost everything, healthful family fun, and improving your chess game, all at once. Reader Paul J wrote in with this:

"Dr. Jolie,
"Have you and your husband ever tried to play chess and do the plank at the same time?
"Well, my son and I tried last night and my plank failed first so I lost.
"Plus, my opening moves were bad , so I ended up losing the game twice.
"Not quite Chess Boxing, but easy to try at home.

Give a try:

  1. Face the board. Hold a neutral spine push-up position called the plank.
  2. Hold while you play, at least for your turn.
  3. Winner can be determined by moves alone, or the player who maintains their plank.


Here is Mike B.

He demonstrates neutral spine for the one-hand one-foot plank in Fast Fitness - Core Hip & Body, Posture Strength & Balance.

Use this as a model for straight position while raising your arm to move your chess pieces.

Paul J wrote:

"I was thinking doing the plank for the whole game may only be possible by a few people.
"However it should be possible to do the plank during your turn and the opponent gets to rest.
"This encourages faster play (my original intent) and of course exercise and working at concentration."

I wrote back asking Paul J and his son to get some photos. While they do that, readers please try it and send in your own - of Chess, other board game you like, or other great ideas that you have.

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chess pieces Image via Wikipedia
Plank photo by Mike B.
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