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Fast Fitness - Built in Upper Body and Core Exercise Carrying Children

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - get better exercise and stop aching back and shoulders when carrying children (or anything else) in backpack carriers or by piggyback:

  1. Put on the carrier (and baby for a fun practice ride or use groceries, etc). Look sideways in a mirror.

  2. See if you round your upper and or lower back forward. See if you lean your upper body backward under the weight. Notice if you increase your lower spine inward curve, are tilting the hip out in back to hold up the carrier.

  3. Straighten upper and lower body segments. You will feel a strong pull on your abdominal muscles when you reduce overarching in the lower spine and prevent leaning the upper body backward. You will feel an upper back workout when you don't lean or round forward.

Use straighter positioning all you can:
  • It may be "natural" to try to offset loads by hunching and contorting your body, but it still hurts.
  • Overarching the lower spine makes carrying feel easier because it shifts weight to the spine joints (facets) and surrounding soft tissue, and off the ab muscles. Rounding forward feels easier as it shifts weight to the discs and off the back muscles.
  • Get more exercise and less joint trauma with neutral posture.

Watch others, to remind yourself:
Fast Fitness - Fix Positioning by Watching Others

Looking downward with good neck dynamics:
Holding healthful position does not mean never look up or down to see where you are going. It means to get natural, built-in upper body exercise, burn calories, and enjoy your time going places with the kids - Tax Preparation Health

Healthful Carrying:
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