Fast Fitness - Built In Functional Achilles Tendon Stretch
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Fast Fitness - Built In Functional Achilles Tendon Stretch

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - get a free, built-in stretch for the Achilles tendon in the way your legs need to stretch during normal movement.

The Achilles' tendon. PD image from Gray's Ana...

  1. Every time you bend with the squat, keep both heels down on the floor (upper right drawing) instead of raising heels (left).

  2. Every time you bend with a lunge, keep the front heel down, not lifted up and shifting forward to the toe.

  3. When ascending stairs, step up on your entire foot including the heel, down on the step, not just the toes and ball of the foot.

Many people stretch their Achilles tendon holding still. Is it such a mystery to get a pull during movement? Prepare your body how to stretch during movement. This normal daily life activity practices lengthening under body weight during normal movement.

Why do a few seconds of Achilles stretch then go back to tight, shortened real life use. Get hundreds of free stretches built in to your day in a way that gives free muscle and bone building exercise too.


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