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Fast Fitness - BIPOD Reader Prescription for Healthier Feet

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - BIPOD is a way to happier feet that you can do yourself at home. Reader Paul J sent in this gem in July. Other great work from him and other readers are still in the piles of mail.

For background: A shoe insert is any pad of any size, shape or quality that you put in your shoe for various reasons. Hard shoes are a common course of joint pain. Many shoes benefit from better cushioning and even a cheap soft insert for cushioning purpose can help that. Orthotics are different. Orthotics are hard shapes, specially fitted by a trained orthotist or sometimes a physical therapist with orthotic training. Orthotics usually cost a few hundreds of dollars. Orthotics are rigid forms to hold your feet in a specific position. There are also hard inserts with molded arch or other area advertised to change your foot posture. Sometimes orthotics and hard inserts make more pain or don't change the source of the problem. Most of the time, for non-paralyzed people, if the orthotic can make your foot change to a healthy position, you can do the same using your own muscles and sense of positioning. Using your own feet and ankle muscles is often healthier, more comfortable, and more likely to yield long term results.

Now Paul J's intelligent prescription:

Jumping Brain by Emilio Garcia 

"Bookspan Invisible Pain-free Orthotic Drops - BIPOD. Now you can walk, run, or stand without the pain of traditional hard orthotic inserts. BIPOD will revolutionize the way you stand. Read and follow product instructions, failure to do so will render this product ineffective. Attempts to walk, run, or stand without BIPOD is not recommended by our accountants.

"Inactive ingredients: Dihydrogen monoxide
"Active ingredients: Cognitive synchronicity

"In order to reduce the burden on landfills, please follow the directions below to make BIPOD at home. You must use your brain and following all directions in order to get DHMO and CS (see above).
  1. Ingredients:
    one tablespoon of cold tap water
    one tablespoon of tap water from hot tap, before it gets hot.

  2. Mix for 4 seconds in a container that can hold 2 _ tablespoons of liquid.

  3. "Put 1 to 2 drops on each arch daily and proceed with the directions (Arch Support Is Not From Shoes)
"The left over mixture maybe placed in the refrigerator for later use or discarded in most plants."

Remember - get the point of healthy practices. Don't get bogged down on purchasing exercise machines and expensive devices that reduce your own body's involvement in your life, or trivial details of exercise "form." Get the big picture of easy healthier ways and enjoy improving your life.

Many readers' great stories are in the piles. Remember to read the instructions and concepts in articles on fixing pain first before asking what to do. Gain the benefits and better health and send in that story. Then we can all enjoy more instead of taking time plodding through and answering reader comments of, "I read your work on how to fix neck pain, will your stretches work?" and similar instances of missing the point. Would anyone help Hannah (or Cheryl?). She left the 36th comment asking if the stretches work on Fixing Upper Back and Neck Pain, which had already explained, along with the 35 questions and replies already there. Thanks!

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