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Fast Fitness - Better Standing Hamstring, Achilles, and Inside Leg Stretch

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - get a better stretch for the hamstring of the standing leg when stretching the other leg to the side:

  1. When you stand with one leg stretching to the side, notice the leg you are standing on. It is common to stand with the foot turned outward and the hip rounded under you.
  2. Instead, turn the standing leg to face directly ahead. Knee and toes straight forward. Not turned out, not even a small amount. Stand straight.
  3. Notice the stretch move to the back of your leg.
My student Leslie is pictured above at age 68.
I snapped this shot of her while she was waiting for one of my classes.
The position of the foot on the standing leg isn't visible, but she is straight ahead.
I had to snap the photo quickly before the club manager told us to stop.

Stand straight without leaning over, rounding your upper body, or letting your hip round under you. This is different from the way most people are used to.

The straighter you stand, the more stretch, while training the function of healthy posture - a functional stretch. You need to be able to lift one leg without being so tight that your back rounds and your hip rolls under. Think of stairs, kicks for dancing, aerobics, martial arts, stepping over things, stairs, much real life. If you are not only using bad mechanics for daily life, but training unhealthful tight mechanics with conventional bent over stretching, what are you accomplishing?

If you can't stand straight, lower your leg to where you can. There is little point stretching for health while practicing unhealthful ways.

Last year Leslie was featured knocking off 30 push-ups in Are You Stronger Than A 67 Year Old Lady?

What has happened in a year? She can now do 40 push-ups. We just don't have a video camera. While we get one, click the link to do your push-ups with her each morning while it is still only 30.

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