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Fast Fitness - Better Legs and Pain Relief Comes From You Not The Exercise Ball

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - Be healthful when you do health activities. What a concept.

  1. How fit is it to use fitness equipment in unhealthy ways?
  2. When you pick up and put down an exercise ball, or any exercise equipment, how do you bend? Unhealthfully? During an activity you use to improve your health?
  3. Robert Davis sent in this change of bad bending to good bending . Good bending shifts weight and leverage off lumbar discs and onto leg, hip, and back muscles.

Robert Davis wrote. "I had to use my cell phone on timer so the pictures are not the greatest quality."

Here is the ouchy


Here is the squat

Robert Davis was a weight lifter with a painful back injury from conventional lifting. He fixed his back pain with Fitness Fixer, intelligently applying principles of healthful movement for everything during exercise and also daily life. He wrote:

"I took a picture of what was causing "ouchy" because it is so normal in America *for adults!*.. (upper photo of forward bending). Then ouchy started to go away the more I did, 'ah much better' (squatting)... Pretty soon ouchy was gone from the bad forward bending.

"I am now doing a complete head to toe revision... Point was that my back stopped hurting, and as you said, heals when I let it, with better movement.
"I am glad there is someone out there like you who tells you how it is. It gives encouragement and hope. I have seen people my age already with a few surgeries (and they are in the 20s to 30s!). They were from injuries, and sadly they never had a chance to find that they didn't need it.

"I was encouraged by others' stories and with your statement, "don't let them scare you" because I was a bit scared. I have never been injured before with that much pain. But, I was more then willing to try this because I did not want limitation as I had seen in my friends who had surgery. Some multiple times. "

Mr. Davis has been sending in success stories one after then next. Here are some of his Inspiring Functional Fitness:

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