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Fast Fitness - Balance and Ankle Stability in the Dark

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - quickly improve balance and ankle proprioception - the ability of the ankle and foot to correct positioning, reducing sprain and fall potential.

This one helps balance for daily life, and also helps footing in darkness, which can be encountered on stairs, curbs, and late hikes.

  1. Stand on one foot.
  2. Balance on that foot with eyes closed. Switch feet.
  3. Extend length of balance time with frequent practice.

Balance and proprioception are key to preventing and fixing ankle, foot, and balance trouble.

Obviously, don't do this near the stairs or the breakables. Use common sense to get started safely.

Maintain the arch in your foot. Notice if you flatten it downward or teeter too far to the side edge. Use foot and ankle muscles to lift it back to neutral position. See Fast Fitness - Fix Flat Feet, Pronation, and Fallen Arches.

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