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The Fitness Fixer

An Exercise in Helping People Get Healthy

Healthful eating is not difficult or expensive. It is cheaper to stop buying junk and convenience food, and it is easier to eat a piece of fruit than to fry food.

Over the holidays, we called a friend in Madison Wisconsin. She is a visually-impaired diabetic widow. She is cheery and fun and wants to be healthy. She can't drive of course. The only available public transportation can get her to a department store that stocks junk food. There is nothing that goes to a supermarket so she can get fruit and vegetables. We checked on cab rates and it will cost more than $30 round trip to get to a supermarket. The local Meals on Wheels turned out not to be healthful food. The services for the blind, paratransit, and various other social services have not worked out to get her to a grocery store. All she wants is some fruit and vegetables. How hard could that be?

Paul and I went to the market and filled a box with nuts, apples, pears, zucchini, cucumbers, berries, broccoli, red peppers, yellow peppers, celery, some other vegetables, some mung beans for her to sprout, tomatoes (that we wrapped in bubble wrap), and a pair warm fuzzy socks, and shipped it to her.

If readers would like to send her broccoli and simple healthful fruit and vegetables, or if anyone lives in the Madison, Wisconsin area and wants to take her to a market so she can purchase her own, e-mail me for her information. It would be fun and in keeping with the spirit of being healthy for the New Year.

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