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ER Nurse To Her Own Rescue

Reader Barb wrote:

"Thanks for yet another great post. I am an ER nurse and see the horror of chronic back pain on a daily basis -- the disability, depression, and addiction that eliminates any quality of life for the sufferer and their family. Even after surgeries and pain clinic visits, I've yet to meet a patient who has managed to rehab well. Last year at age 52, after years of moving patients, some over 700 pounds, I injured my back while installing a patio and I couldn't breathe, let alone move without pain. If I hadn't been a devoted follower of yours, my career would have been over. I got your book, Fix Your Own Pain, did the exercises and went back to work four days later. I took a muscle relaxer to help me sleep the first three nights but have never taken any pain medication. The exercises actually relieved pain for me. I can't thank you enough.

Just a quick question, can you suggest proper form for climbing stairs, to prevent back and knee problems? I'm in a 3-story condo and don't want daily routine to do any harm to the old joints. Thanks so much Jolie!"

Barb, you have the intelligence, quick thinking, interest in learning, and empowerment that makes a quality ER nurse. Try Better Exercise on the Stairs.

Click this books link on for the book Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery, and others.

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