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I have grandchildren - my patients are using what I taught them, to fix pain for others.

Monday's post on Partner Leg Press began the Valentine's week Fitness Fixer posts on sharing health with a friend. Today on Valentine's Day I have a post that best shows this. This story is from one of our own Healthline Fitness Fixer readers, Ivy Griffiths of New Zealand. Ivy writes,

"On Thursday night my neighbour was taken to hospital as she was experiencing pain in her hip which in turn went down her leg. I told her that I thought it was sciatica. X-rays showed that there was degeneration of the spine and that she had a pinched nerve. They gave her the usual drugs and she returned home yesterday afternoon. Her son told them at the hospital that they knew someone who would help that person being ME. Dr. Jolie I just about freaked out so I told them that I could help with the cause but not fix the pain. I went on to show her how to lift herself up on her elbows (face down) before getting out of bed, how to sit straight and squatting instead of bending over and all the advice that I have received from you over the past year. I took her for little walks around the village so that she wasn't sitting all the time. Around 5pm this evening (Saturday) I went to see how she was. To my amazement, she told me that she had been reading your book "Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery" which I had lent her. She had thrown away the drugs and the pain had gone. Believe me when I say that I was blown away."

Ivy, thank you. The world is better because of you.

Ivy recently had a special birthday. See which one in The Best of the Medical Blogosphere.

Follow Ivy's fun post comments over the past months showing how she improved her health and stopped her pain:

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Readers, keep the intelligent comments coming in reply to posts. Send me your stories and (small file size) fun photos of your progress. Prizes for the best ones. Use a photo sharing service so I can upload directly from your photo link.

Happy Valentine's Day, a day of being good and healthy to yourself and others. That's health and love.

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