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Dr. Hebert's Medical Gumbo Uses Our Stretches in Grand Rounds

"Rhymes, meters, stanza forms, are like servants. If the master is fair enough to win their affection and firm enough to command their respect, the result is an orderly happy household."
- W. H. Auden

This week Michael C. Hebert, M.D. hosted Grand Rounds entirely in Edgar Allen Poe inspired rhyme. Dr. Hebert wrote in his Medical Gumbo that he could use my post Thumbs Can Show Tightness That Leads to Upper Back Pain to stop pain from bending over his work:
"…I pinched the films 'tween thumb and finger,
tension in my back will linger
Many hours shall they linger, unless I stretch my back will burn
Says The Fitness Fixer, so I her test will surely learn..."
Thank you for the hard work of Grand Rounds this week, and doing it with masterful rhymes, meters, and advice.
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