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Disability Awareness Doesn't End With Summer Paralympics Sept 6-17th 2008

The Summer Paralympics Games of 2008 in Beijing China close September 17th. These are Olympic games of athletes with a disability. Information and networking doesn't end with the Games. Here are some sources:

  • An irreverent site from the BBC is Ouch. Why is the site called Ouch? The writers answer: "We spent literally months trying to come up with a name that wasn't too patronising ( or too suggestive of hideous '90s positivity (…"

The Paralympics and the many world and local sports events and classes for people with a disability remind that physical and mental training is important for fitness and personal development for everyone.

The graphic shows Paralympic logos from past Games. The next and 10th Winter Paralympics will be held in the year 2010 in Vancouver Canada. The 11th Winter Games will be in Sochi Russia, in 2014.

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