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Daughter's Love Saves Parent's Knees

A special story came in. I had been answering inquiries from a reader who wrote me to ask how to stop her mother's knee pain, and after her mother was better, to help her father. I was charmed by this good daughter who wanted to help her parents. She faithfully taught her mother everything I wrote her, and she wrote back with results. I didn't know where she was from, and didn't ask. In the weeks of letters back and forth, she caringly scanned and e-mailed me copies of lab reports and pharmacy prescriptions. She asked good questions about the medicines and tests and how they could help her parents. The tests and prescriptions had notes in Arabic and distinctive generic names. I wondered if I might wind up on a watch list of people who correspond with people from certain countries. In one reply that I wrote, I headed the instructions on knee pain with, "To whoever else may read this, please use it to stop your knee pain too, for more peace and less pain in the world."

Here is the story of Katayon:

"I belong to Afghanistan and I am very grateful to Dr. Jolie Bookspan. My mother’s knees pain was my biggest concern for a long time. She went to more than six best doctors here in Pakistan. But all she got was medicine for relieving her pain which not always helped her. She was also told not to walk a lot and rather sit on the chair most of the time. My mom is young and still it’s very soon for her to spend her life just sitting. Doctors said the cartilage inside her kneecap has dried and can never be recovered and she will always have the pain. And that the only way is to always use those tablets. This really bothered me to think of her feeling pain all her life.

"After trying the doctors in the city, I selected the option of getting support through the internet. That is where I fortunately found Dr Jolie Bookspan who always keeps telling me that medicine is not the only option. But rather we have to adopt healthy movements. In the first stage, this knowing this thing encouraged and cheered me a lot. She also introduced me to the free articles- exercises related to knee pain and back pain, on her website. I have checked almost a lot of those useful links and currently I am following a lot of those helpful movements, exercises and directions mostly for knee pain. Currently I am also suffering from knee pain which is due to weakness of my muscles as the doctors here have told me. Dr Jolie has been a great help for me and my mother.

"And now I and my mother are feeling much better. I learned not to use knee-bands (bracing) because it further weakens the joints instead of strengthening them. I have shared all what I leaned with my whole family. So we are all blessed with an opportunity of adopting healthy joints movements. Besides a lot of other very useful guidance, I learned these important things: climbing the stairs putting full flat foot on the ground avoiding knees coming forward, so overall moving the knees in a healthy way which should not create pain while walking – I am practically doing this and I really see how useful and pain free it is; while picking something from the ground, trying to avoid knees coming forward and instead making it like sitting on a chair. So all in all, we are following all of the guidance and tips which really are pain free and help my knee joints get strengthened. I and my mother regularly every morning and anytime during the day we find time do the squat and lunge exercise which are very much helpful. Not only this, but I have also shared this exercise and all of the other healthy tips with my office colleagues who are suffering from knee pain.

"I never thought of a way out but only as the doctor said that the only option is to have medicine for whole life, whereas Dr. Jolie changed the whole thing for me encouraging me to have fun and keep walking pain free. I feel very fortunate to have found her. And I appreciate all of her time and efforts that she makes to help the world live without pain. I and my mother are deeply inspired by what she is doing to help the people. And we wish her best of luck and lots of energy to keep on her good job."
Katayon Q – Afghanistan

To learn the techniques Katayon used:

Why is there a picture of a flower with this story? A personal photo was not the right thing. I asked Katayon what photo she thought would represent her story and country. She wrote:

"With this email I am sending a picture to go with my story. I was thinking of something to show relief and happiness as a result of being healthy. And I came up with the idea of selecting flower picture for my story. To me, a flower presents every positive thing."

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