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Children Have Huge Potential

Don't miss this beautiful short clip sent to me by my Russian reader Tamara.



Jurij years old is 7 and Karina 6
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Don't let the vast potential of children go unmet. Go to the playground with them. Hang with them. Tumble with them. Play movement games with them. It's gaining priceless skills and health and the best aspects that childhood offers, not losing any aspect of childhood. Ask them to show you things.

Babies have a grasp reflex that allows them to hang with their fingers, with grip equal to world class climbers. Children have the brain elasticity to easily learn many languages without an accent, to move with strength and ability.

Don't strap children into the equivalent of wheel chairs (strollers) while you lift little hand weights. Lift the kids.

I teach many of the moves in this video in my yoga and other classes. Beginners can start them with good success, if they work and try. I have had yoga instructors who come my classes, curse and storm out at the first effort, whining that it is "haaaaaaaaaarrrrrd." They claim yoga makes them strong and loving, then throw tantrums, but that is for another story.

Click the labels children and partner exercise below this post, for Fitness Fixer ideas you can try (using your brain) so that children grow with all the joy, discipline, and strength of real health.

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