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Want mind and body? ChessBoxing is a sport from Germany that combines "the number one thinking sport with the number one fighting sport." Fighters go 6 rounds of chess and 5 of boxing in 11 alternating rounds. ChessBoxing decision is by checkmate or knockout.

Competitors must have an ELO chess rating of 1,800 or above and have fought a minimum of 20 real boxing matches. (Elo rating, named for creator Arpad Elo, is one of several chess rating systems.)

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ChessBoxing origin is attributed to cartoonist Enki Bilal from his 1992 novel Froid Équateur. Dutch artist Lepe Rubingh was inspired by it to hold a live tournament

ChessBoxing spokesman Bill Schneider says, "The most difficult part of the game is making the transition from the ring to the board. “Your pulse is not a problem, but the adrenaline certainly is. It makes you want to play a far more attacking game of chess than you ordinarily would, and that often leads to mistakes.”

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