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Celebrate the Holidays

How do people from Thailand celebrate their birthday? Traditionally they give gifts to others.

Young Thai children are thrilled when their birthday arrives, so that they can give gifts
and do good.

They will give extra food and gifts to monks (right).

Many holidays are celebrated around the world this time of year. Doing good returns merit and goodness. That gives health to celebrations and holidays.

By generosity and thanks to others you can overcome personal fear and selfishness:

  • Take children with you to volunteer at shelters and community centers.

  • Spend time with your family instead of rushing away in isolation to shop and wrap material things that are not needed in the first place.

  • Sort closets with family members for warm clothes and helpful household items to donate. Use healthful bending to sort and lift with the half-squat, full squat, and lunge with front knee over foot.

  • For babies and toddlers, wrapping paper and the box it comes in are fabulous treasures. For smarter older ones, too. They don't need video players television, or computers, and will develop better without them. They need the 3-D world and you, face to face.

  • Instead of expensive so-called fitness trainers involving imaginary motions and swatting the air, try a playground instead.

  • Learn handstands.

  • Try simpler toys and games that need imagination and input from the user's brain, not predefined by a machine.

  • Make Your Own Balance, Agility, and Leg and Ankle Retrainer

  • To go high tech with an electronic game, try active games like Hyperjump from Place the targets at a distance, and race, alone or with friends, to tag whichever target momentarily lights. Tag with hand or foot, according to the voice command given by the game at the moment. Or give the money to charity and use your brain making your own game, using a real person, named "it."

  • For an electronic game of stamina, eye-body coordination, and cardiovascular health everyday, try Dance Dance Revolution. I found this gem over 15 years ago in Asia. You quickly move your feet to targets to visual cues and music. Difficulty is graded from slower and easier to faster and more complex as you practice. In Asia, some kids even manage this on their hands. Good music has been scientifically shown beneficial for health and the heart.

  • Go dancing for real, with real people. In your living room, if nowhere else.

  • If you can't do good works face-to-face, give fruit orchards and beehives to impoverished villages to develop self-sustaining economy and healthy food sources through (those are the vegetarian choices, along with options to send livestock to subsistence farmers who then give offspring to others to continue healthier cycles of independence).

  • Go outside. The graphics are better. Fresh air. Sunlight in the dark winter months is needed and healthy. Click the label "sunlight" under this post for Fitness Fixer articles listing physiologic benefits of sunlight.
  • Best gift for children? Your good example of healthy simple ways, joy, love, knowledge, and self-discipline. They need caring leadership.

  • Consumerism and debt are not stable or healthy ways to live. Invest in simple happy ways. In the Kingdom of Bhutan, the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" in the eastern Himalayas, the government says their plan is to create "Gross National Happiness" Their health system does not focus on medical potions, surgeries, and treatments, but healthy respectful human interaction, making a healthy base, and preventing much harm in the first place. Click the label "spirit" for ideas.

Posts for Happy Holidays:

"Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year."
- Victor Borge


Happy Holidays to my readers serving country, stationed all over the world.
Happy Holidays to all.

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