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Can Anyone Get A Computer To A Great-Grandmother?


This is an unusual post. Long-time Fitness Fixer success Ivy from New Zealand, continuing inspiration to many readers, wrote me a good-bye and thank you. Her computer is broken. Can anyone help this situation?

Ivy is a Great-Grandmother (pretty darn great, we think). Ivy wrote us years of dedicated Fitness Fixer stories of fixing disabling pain and regaining healthful fun life. Now that her computer is broken, she wrote me she would keep in touch with hand written letters. She wished all of you readers well.

Ivy's 86-year-old neighbor snapped photos for several of Ivy's stories. Both of them laughing as the neighbor pressed wrong buttons and Ivy had to hold poses and try again and again. Ivy sent me fuzzy prints by mail, which I scanned and posted. Follow Ivy's adventures, starting with Inspirational Ivy.

Ivy wrote:
"Just a short note to let you know that my computer up and died a few days ago.

"Actually, I was going to write you a letter (by hand - smile, smile) it being a long time since I have had to do that. For the moment, I am not going to replace the computer, finances being a little tight. Bill, who lives here in the village has kindly offerred his computer to allow me to look up the Healthline web site every ten days or so for which I am extremely grateful. He is aware just how much I enjoy your posts.

"I would suggest that you not send a reply, it more than likely will not arrive.

"I promise I will keep in touch with you be it by a friend's computer or by a "handwritten" letter.
"Love and hugs as always to you and Paul"

If anyone has an old working computer or ideas to get one to Ivy in her little New Zealand village, please comment. Making life great, sharing life's good, doing right and having fun doing it is real health.

Thank you.

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