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Black Belt Hall of Fame 2009

This weekend we will attend the Black Belt Hall of Fame event hosted by the Eastern USA Martial Arts Association. Paul and I are honored to be invited back this year, and receive awards for Instructor of the Year. I will teach a workshop on Stretching Smarter for Martial Artists.

Why stretch smarter? Many standard stretches work to increase flexibility but don't improve martial arts or other sports, and aren't good for the joints.

Martial artists and other athletes often develop injuries from years of bad stretches. It's understandable to put yourself in harm's way to carry children and elders from a burning building, or suffer cold and hypoxia rescuing a stranded mountaineer. It's silly to injure yourself doing stretches and exercises you think are for your health. In martial arts you can harden your body to withstand blows through difficult and uncomfortable training, but it isn't the point of martial arts or other sports and activities to beat up yourself. I cover the difference between toughening the body and injuring it in the seminar and in my book Healthy Martial Arts.

My workshop teaches functional flexibility - changing your body to work better in real ways needed for daily life and fighting arts.

Functional exercise and medicine is an exciting change in fitness and health. My Academy page explains more - Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine AFEM.

I won't have Internet or mail for the week.

The hall of Fame event is by invitation only. Contact:

Executive Director Soke Kanzler Eastern
U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association
1 (800) 456-3872
P.O. Box 9642
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15226 USA

If you can't attend the lecture, get the book:

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