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Black Belt Hall of Fame 2008

This weekend, we will be at the International Black Belt Hall of Fame. Top martial artists and their students attend from all over the world.

I will teach a seminar on Stretching Smarter. Research is increasingly showing that conventional stretching is often not preventing or helping heal injuries. My seminar covers state of the art changes to stretch methods to restore function rather than doing artificial movements for arbitrary range of motion. Stretching Smarter workshops for the general public and medical personnel are planned for the Spring of 2009. Through cooperation of the International Academy of Functional Fitness, we hope to have certifications in place. See information on workshops on my website CLASS page.

Grandmaster Kanzler and Kim Harper and staff work tirelessly all year to make each year's Hall of Fame event. Photos are still not posting to show Hall of Fame training and the seminars. Hopefully will follow. For now, it's a martial arts visualization exercise. Paul and I were inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame several years ago and have been invited back each year as teachers. I am back in a white do-gi (karate training uniform). I left karate years ago to compete, train, and teach in other styles. This year, Paul reopened our karate dojo (training hall) after many years. I have returned to karate as his student. Check the CLASS page if you want to study karate with Paul at the new center. Scroll down to the karate class description.

I won't have e-mail for a few days to answer questions. Several posts are having technical trouble posting my replies to comments anyway, as part of overall temporary difficulties with the Blogger. Blogger needs a rest too, why not. I am preparing some of the reader questions as posts to come.

Until then, here are related posts:

The Hall of Fame event is by invitation only. To attend or stop by and say hello this weekend, contact the International Headquarters of the International USA Martial Arts Association, 1-800-456-3872. Tell them I referred you.

Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from selected ones. See if your answers are already here by clicking links and archives. Read success stories of these methods and send your own.

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