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Black Belt Hall of Fame

This week is the 20th annual Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame event. Hundreds of martial artists and instructors will attend from all over the world. Soke John Kanzler and Kim Harper work all year to prepare each event. In the best spirit of the martial arts, they make a welcoming and healthful atmosphere of friendly learning. My husband Paul and I were honored to be inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame several years ago and have had the privilege to attend each year as teachers.

Seminar teachers come from all over the world. In the past there have been fearsome Russian techniques and calm Chinese ones. This year a grandmaster from Iceland will present on the national martial art of Iceland - Glima. The post Black Belt Hall of Fame - Black Belts and Black Tie tells about some of the seminars and events. The post International Martial Arts Association Weekend tells more about the Hall of Fame and their work.

Paul and I will be teaching The Ab Revolution core training, an entirely different concept in use of core muscles from conventional ab exercises. It uses no forward bending, which reinforces bad posture and is hard on the spine, and instead retrains all body movement using the abdominal muscles the way they actually function during movement in daily life and exercise.

A friend of ours will teach a seminar of a martial art that he developed. Sean Martin has developed a style he named Kagedo-Essensu, (Shadow Essence). Kagedo is a surprisingly effective new technique that does not require specific poses and positioning to master. I am a 4th degree black belt and spent years trying to understand some of the martial arts that claim to be "the weak over the strong," but when I try them I find they only work well if you are strong, or have no injuries, or learn painstakingly exact techniques. Master Martin has synthesized a highly workable system that, so far, anyone can apply quickly. For information about learning this effective technique, contact him at

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