The Fitness Fixer
The Fitness Fixer

Better Use of Core and Healthy Stretches That Don’t Hurt

In May we are offering two workshops at Bally Fitness 15th and Walnut streets in downtown Philadelphia:

  1. On Saturday May 12 2007 we will run The Ab Revolution™
  2. Saturday May 19 2007 will be Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier

Both workshops run from 2 to 3:30pm. May 12th may sound far away, but it's less than two weeks away

The Ab Revolution™ developed over many years in the lab as I studied how abdominal muscles work during real movement and what they specifically do for the back (and don't do). It's called a revolution because it is a different way of thinking - using your abs the way you really need them when standing and doing all you do. Lying on the floor and curling forward or tightening doesn't automatically make your abs work the way you need then when standing up. The Ab Revolution™ uses no flexion (bending forward) motions that promote disc trouble, neck pain, tight anterior posture, and other troubles. The new innovative exercises give you more ab exercise than with conventional exercise.

In the stretch workshop, you will learn techniques that work better, faster, and don't hurt. You will learn how to fix pain and not get stiff and sore in the first place.

Unlike our university and conference workshops, I will not have the luxury of computer-projected visuals. So theory will be short and practice will be the bulk of the class.

More class info about both workshops is on my web site page for CLASSES. Illustrated books covering everything we do in class will be available at the class, or you can get them ahead of time to be ready for class, or in case you can't make the class.

The director at BallyFitness downtown just changed so we are not sure who to register with. We will cope. As far as I know right now, to register contact Debbie Gregor by phone 610-337-3005 x235 or e-mail. Out-of-towners can have a fun Saturday in class and stay to visit Philadelphia on Sunday. Scenic city, beautiful in the Spring. Tourist info at

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