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Better Hip Stretch - Check Your Ankles

We are on the long trip south to Malaysia. The next posts will tell the interesting story of why. The previous post Unhealthy Yoga Ankles showed how you can reduce the good stretch on the hip and increase a bad stretch on the ankles by letting your ankle bend inward instead of keeping the ankle joint straight when sitting cross legged.

Look at the photo, at left, of the good positioning of the people, sitting to chat, in the morning of the overnight train ride. Besides their good upright sitting positioning, note the straight ankle position. They do not turn the outside of ankle, but get the needed stretch to sit with knees out, from the hip - a better stretch.

Good positioning is common in people of all ages here in Asia. People of all ages, even aged people, sit easily this way to eat, travel, or read the paper. Fitness as a lifestyle is not difficult and does not require exercise machines or gyms or trainers.

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