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Teachers, coaches, parents, babysitters, trainers, and others have asked me for retraining drills to do with their sports teams, exercisers, and regular school classes.

  • I will start a series of short articles, one topic per article.

  • Each will have short instructions that work for group training.

  • Teams can practice them before each training session, or incorporated into their other exercises.

  • These will be retraining exercises that school teams and athletes can use to reduce sprains, knee pain, back strain, and other common musculoskeletal issues that arise during the team season. All are basic movement needed for every day activity and real life changed to be healthy - Bookspan Basics.

  • Each topic can be taught in a short lecture, hopefully within 1-5 minutes, then everyone can try the drill.

  • This new curriculum is part of the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM)'s Youth Division programming. If your team is changing to healthy ways, you can be a part of this program, which includes certification, awards, teacher training, and other fun - click Academy. There is no charge to participate. This is for health.

Send in your ideas for a name for this program. Trainers, send in your stories of how you use them in your program.

Read and contribute your own success stories of these methods. Before asking questions, see if your answers are already here - click labels under posts, links in posts, archives at right, and the Fitness Fixer Index. For personal medical questions - Replies to Medical Questions.
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