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Are You Stronger Than A 67 Year Old Lady?

My student Leslie is 67 years old. She has been working with me for several years. Click the arrow of this 30 second movie to watch her knock off 30 pushups.

At around the 25 second mark of this short movie, enjoy the reaction of the student who will appear at right.

Leslie holds straight neutral spine position. She does not let her lower spine sag, or her head and neck sag downward. To see a movie to practice how to change overarched hyperlordotic sagging spine to neutral spine for pushups, click Fast Fitness - Strengthen by Changing Your Plank.

Leslie says hello to all the readers and that she is strong with such great positioning due to my classes and emphasis on being able to hold up your own body weight in healthful positioning for regular daily life. I hope to post more of Leslie's and other students' happiness and strength.

Bookmark this post. Open it every day and do your 30 pushups with Leslie.

Movie © copyright taken by Dr. Jolie Bookspan
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