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All the More Reason To Try - Exercise to Overcome Each Difficulty

E-mails and questions pour in - "I am weak from a recent bout of flu, will strengthening help me? I never had strong legs, should I bother doing leg exercise? My shoulders do not stay straight, they just become round when I let them, does that mean that I cannot have good posture? My ankles tilt toward each other when I stand up, does that mean that I should not stand straight? My balance is poor, why should I do balance exercise as I will just have a hard time of it. I have multiple sclerosis and it is tiring to stand up, should I try? I am overweight and have health problems from it, will I get any benefit from not eating so much? My toes are all tight from tight shoes, should I stretch my toes?"

These are real inquires. The answer to all is yes, you need the exercise even more than the person without these difficulties. Yes, work to overcome, to change what is hampering you, to regain function.

Hear it phrased this way:

"I earn less than the rest of my office, would getting a raise make a difference?"
"My car veers to the left ever since I hit that pothole, should I try to hold the wheel straight, even though it seems so natural for the car to swerve uncontrolled?"
"I just have a natural temper, why bother controlling it?"

When things are tough, you need to control it all the more.
If you like to run or swim but are slow, you need to work harder at speed, not omit speed work. You have to work to get results.
There is a saying "If the sword is not sharp, use a heavy handle." If you are not good at something, you need to work harder.

For inspiration, click the arrow to watch the video of The Thousand-Hand Guanyin, performed by 21 dancers of the Chinese Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. All the dancers are deaf and cannot hear the music. Lead dancer is 29 year old Tai Lihua, who earned a BA degree from the Hubei Fine Arts Institute.



If the video does not load on your computer, click the link -

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