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Academy Developmental Ability and Special Olympics Programs - Updates From Peggy

Reader Peggy started an entire program of employment training for developmentally disabled adults using my methods of healthy functional movement and real fitness as a real lifestyle. They learned good bending, lifting, reaching, pushing, and carrying methods to do good work for pay in the community Mail Room - Functional Fitness as a Lifestyle By Mail Room Workers.

Now Peggy is taking this work to two new programs. First, is a housekeeping employment program. Peggy is using my Backman!™ figure to make flashcards to teach good movement skills for all the bending, reaching, and lifting in housekeeping skills, and will soon have photos of the results for us. Healthline is changing this Fitness Fixer format, so look for the updates on my web site at -

Next, Peggy is taking our healthy training to the Maryland Special Olympics Garrett County. I am looking forward to the good work we can do with these athletes.

She sent a photo - with a bear cub, writing,

"As a reporter I was able to go on the bear tagging with Natural Resources folks. It's part of the program to check on numbers of bears etc. There were 4 cubs. Mom, though sedated, bolted into the woods and the rangers gave chase leaving four of us holding cubs for over an hour. You put them under your jacket to keep them warm and they scramble right up to put arms around your neck.

"It was raining so we sat in the news van with our bears in our laps while we waited for the rangers to return. I hummed Brahms Lullaby to mine and talked to him about not getting into people's garbage. They have blue eyes."

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