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91 Year Old Water Skier

Edith McAllister was born in 1918 and lives in San Antonio. Here is a video of her water skiing at the age of 91.

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Ms. McAllister swims and water-skis every day. She says the key is you have to keep going, don't quit.

My father was also an avid water skier. I have photos of him slalom-skiing, long silver hair flying. In water-ski vocabulary, "slalom" means only one ski. I also have a photo of him high diving from the Mexican cliffs with the real cliff divers - for another story. I have photos of my grandmother lifting weights in her 90's with her hip-length hair still black, but she said she doesn't like the photos because she looks old.

Stay active, no matter what your age. It is the key to being mobile and independent

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