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  • Mar 09 2010

    New Healthy Employment Programs for Developmentally Disabled

    Another reader has Fixed the Fitness for a community program so beneficial and potentially far-reaching that I have given her an Academy Appointment.Peggy Santamaria is bringing my healthy daily life techniques to developmentally disabled adults. ...

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  • Mar 04 2010

    Reader Uses Fitness Fixer Advice to Shovel Snow Painlessly and Beat Mother Nature

    Reader Peg S. put healthy bending to work in real life, wrote in with this success story, sent a title for it, took photos and sent them with captions. Thank you Peggy for great work:"Dr. Bookspan, your emphasis on squats and lunges in place of un...

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  • Mar 01 2010

    Lactic Acid Myths

    Readers wrote in with questions, showing common myths about lactic acid.Jens wrote that his yoga teacher told him, "The reason he wakes up with stiff muscles is lactic acid build up during sleep." Reader Trish said her aerobics trainer said she mu...

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  • Feb 26 2010

    Sixth Group Functional Training: Advancing Ankle and Knee Safety With Single Leg Movement

    Here is Fast Friday Fitness - sixth in the series ofFunctionalFitness Training (Bookspan Basics) to teach your group, teams, classes, students, kids, battalions, or self.Today, Feb 26th, is my birthday. Celebrate with healthy movement and having s...

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  • Feb 23 2010

    Aerial Ski Training and Olympic Ski Jumping

    Aerial skiers do acrobatic jumps from high ramps onto snow. How can you train in the summer?Aerial skiers can train using trampoline, bungee trampoline, gymnastics equipment, plastic ramps that slide like snow, diving boards, and ramps leading to ...

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  • Feb 22 2010

    Contest - Name The New Feature on Fitness Terminology

    Here is a fun new contest - can you think of a great name for a new Fitness Fixer feature?In December, a reader helped me know that perhaps others beside himself do not know basic names of body parts and processes. "Anonymous" felt that the muscle...

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  • Feb 19 2010

    Exercise to Mobilize Shoulder and Scapula

    Here is Friday Fast Fitness - an easy way to learn and feel how to use the often forgotten serratus anterior muscles, for better shoulder mobilization, first introduced in December:On any surface you are comfortable, go to hands and knees. Keep yo...

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  • Feb 18 2010

    Winter Biathlon

    Ski fast and shoot rifles! A biathlon is usually a race of two sports in the same event. In the winter Olympic biathlon, athletes ski cross-country then shoot at targets (not competitors in front of them). The Winter Olympics currently offers...

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  • Feb 15 2010

    Winter Olympic Games and The Bobsleigh

    Bobsleigh, bobsled, and bobsledge are generally names for the same event - a gravity-powered sled, racing for time down a narrow concrete or ice track with many turns. Speeds may exceed 85 mph (140 km/h). That is over 117 feet every second. Curves...

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  • Don't Confuse Exercise With Real Fitness

    Reader Dr. Zoe Eppley e-mailed, "I have been trying to apply your "bending right" approach to my daily activities. I find my tight leg and hip muscles seriously limit my ability to squat. Could you please recommend some stretches that will help?"I...

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