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Is Your Child's Diet Making You Fat?

As adults it is our responsibility to shape our kids eating habits and encourage them to choose healthy foods over the less healthy ones, right. We focus on being good models of behavior. And certainly there's plenty of research out there linking kids eating habits to what they see adults eating. But what about the other way around?

Turns out they might be the ones influencing us! And the result isn't pretty. According to a study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, adults who live with kids eat far more fatty foods than adults who don't have kids in the house. Yikes! Researchers found that these adults were eating pizza, cheese, salty sacks, ice cream, cakes, cookies, bacon, sausage, processed meats and beef more often. And as a result, these adults consumed almost 5 more grams of fat and almost 2 more grams of saturated fat a day than childless folks. That's one additional pepperoni pizza a week! That can really add up over time.

Bottomline, if it's in the house or around us, we eat it! Healthy or not. Another reason not to keep the pantry stocked with the less healthy items. It's too tempting for us to resist. And all the more reason to educate our kids about healthy eating so they can help us stay healthy.

(Hey, here's a thought: Food industry stop marketing these foods to our kids! That would certainly help. It's tough to resist our kids' pleas for those treats they see on TV and the internet.)

Question- How many of you can relate to this study? Have you noticed you eat more fast foods and fattier fare now that you have kids? How have you dealt with this in your own home? What kinds of solutions have you come up with? Send me some feedback with your tips and barriers.

To check out the study click here.

Have a fruit and veggie filled with your kids!
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