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Underindulging on Thanksgiving

I must apologize for not getting any recipes to you for vegetarian entrees but I was plagued with a debilitating migraine Monday and Tuesday and I think I've missed the boat. I promise to post some in time for Christmas feasts.

What I want to do today is offer you some tips on how to avoid overindulgence on Thanksgiving Day do here goes it:

1. Try to eat a light breakfast so you won't be starving by the time it's turkey time. It's too easy to overeat when you're starving but it's much easier to control your intake if you're not.
2. Keep in mind you don't have to have "some of everything". Peruse the offerings first, then choose your favorites and start out with small portions. A spoonful of mashed potatoes perhaps instead of 2 heaping ones is a start.
3. Eat slowly by putting your fork down between each bite and really savor the flavor. This will give your stomach time to let you know when it's full before it's too late and you're stuffed!
4. Drink water in between bites often. This will also help slow you down and help you feel full faster. Try not to drink your calories if you can. Avoid juices and regular sodas; go easy on alcohol (laden with calories)
5. If you're at a buffet style Thanksgiving party, don't stand near the food. It's too tempting to pick.
6. Fill up on the veggie dishes like salad, roasted sweet potatoes, plain veggies.
7. Talk at the table! The more time you spend chatting with your fellow table mates, the less you'll be eating (that is unless you are one of those people that eats with their mouth full. Yuck.)
8. Go for the pumpkin pie for dessert, it's definitely the lesser of all the dessert evils. If you're so inclined just eat the inside of the pie and avoid the crust (kinda hard to do if you like crust so don't worry about it too much).
9. Go for a walk around the block before dinner and after dinner. It feels good!

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your veggies!

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