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Recipe of the Week: Gnocchi alla Butternut Squash

This recipe is so easy I almost feel guilty posting it, as it took little imagination for me to come up with it. In fact the name sounds more complicated than the actual dish! But it's so yummy and we have it a lot on cold winter nights. It's nice and hearty but still healthy; and a great way to get more orange colored vegetables in! It's another one of those recipes that should be called "Assembly of the Week". So here's how to 'assemble' it:

Gnocchi alla Butternut Squash
Ingredients (or Products is really more accurate)
1 - 32 fl. oz. box OR 2 - 14 oz cans butternut squash soup
1 - 17-18 oz. package or 3 cups of potato gnocchi
(seriously, just TWO ingredients)

1. In a large sauce pan bring soup to a simmer.
2. Add gnocchi and bring soup back to a simmer. (You can put the top on lightly if you want to cut down on splatter, but be sure steam can get out)
3. Cook for about 3-5 minutes or until gnocchi are floating. If you want a fluffier gnocchi cook a minute or two longer.
4. Make sure to stir occasionally as the soup tends to thicken and stick to the sides of the pan.
5. Scoop onto bowls with a ladle and serve.
6. Yum!

I use the Trader Joe's butternut squash soup in a box (shelf safe) but Amy's brand has a nice one too in a can, and it's organic. I'm sure your grocery has other options too.

The gnocchi I use is Racconto (which I also get at TJ's) and they now have a whole wheat variety that is quite good (it's got 8 grams of fiber for a 1 cup serving!!!). Any kind of gnocchi will work. I like the vacuumed packed because it's fresher.

FYI-(For Your Italian)
The 'g' and 'h' in gnocchi are silent. It's pronounced "nyo-kee". I know that looks weird but think of the word 'lasagna'. It's the same sound with the 'gna' but it's at the beginning of the word in this case for 'gnocchi'. Does that make sense?
When you pronounce it correctly it's really much more fun to say.

Enjoy and have a fruit and veggie filled day!

(photo courtesy of avlyyz)
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