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Recipe of the Week: Easy Strawberry Dessert

I'm seeing strawberries all over the place these days and while I love to eat them as is, sometimes I like a little change of pace. And because I've got that out of control sweet tooth, this recipe can really hit the spot. And it only takes two ingredients.. hello easy!

Easy Strawberry Dessert
1 9-inch Angel food cake
3 pints ripe strawberries

1. Cut angel food cake into 12 same size pieces.
2. Core strawberries than mash until juicy.
3. Spread/Pour over individual pieces of cake.

Serves 12

Nutrition Facts per slice:
Calories 85
Fat 0 gm
Saturated fat 0 gm
Vitamin C 25 mg

For a little more zing (and calcium) dollop a spoonful of nonfat vanilla yogurt on top. If you can find a low sugar yogurt even better.

Many thanx to my dear friend Dona Richwine, RD, MS for coming up with this gem.

(Photo courtesy of mwri)
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