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Recipe of the Week: Chopped Hearts of Palm Insalata

I told you I was on this corn kick with all the canned corn I have in the house. Well here's another simple salad to try. I am a big fan of hearts of palm. I'm always trying to figure out different ways to eat it. So naturally corn and hearts of palm have to go together right. Turns out they are indeed great together. I hope you like this one.

Chopped Hearts of Palm Insalata
* 1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed
* 1 can hearts of palm, drained
* 1 can corn, rinsed
* Seasoned rice vinegar to taste

Finely chop garbanzo beans and hearts of palm. In a medium bowl combine corn with the chopped beans and hearts of palm. Mix well. Season with rice vinegar to taste.

The secret to this one is chopping the ingredients well so you get a good mix of all the ingredients in every bite. The hearts of palm fall apart pretty easily if they are soft. I use The Chopper for the garbanzo beans to keep them from rolling all over the place.

If you like red bell peppers chop one up and add it to the mix. A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil will also add a little pizzazz if you want the salad to have a little more gusto.

Enjoy and have a fruit and veggie filled day!
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