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Newsbites: March 25th

I'm a little late on this one; it's been a busy week. Started a new job.. it's post worthy but I'll get to that later. Here are the interesting nutrition items of the week:

Indiana declared water as the state's official beverage. Isn't that cool? State Senator Dennis Kruse bestowed the honor on the clear calorie free hydrator this past week. He wants to see water get the respect it deserves (was it not getting respect?). Do any other states have official beverages? If so what are they? Anyone?
I wonder how Indiana plans to promote their state beverage.

Incidentally, there's no need to buy expensive bottled water if you've got good tap water. The Environmental Protection Agency oversees tap water safety which must adhere to much stricter standards than bottled water. Of course there are always geographic locations that have problems with the local water supply, but in general it is quite safe. The best thing to do if you're wary is to buy a filter for your tap water and replace it often.

Here's an item that's not exactly newsworthy but a cool tidbit I came across when perusing this week's nutrition related articles. Veggie ice cream! I thought it sounded kinda gross, but apparently a sushi chef in Washington DC has come up with a recipe that uses pureed raw carrots, broccoli and cucumbers, and the kids like it. It's such a great idea but I would have never thought something like that would taste good. I read it in the online version of The Washington Post so it must be true, right? If you want to find out more here's the link to the article Veggie Ice Cream.

This one's for the lunch lady. A just released study reveals that when elementary students are asked if they want juice or fruit by cafeteria workers they indeed take one or the other. And they eat it (or drink it). What's going on here instead of not saying anything or asking if they want an apple, doesn't have the same effect if the question is posed as an "either-or". The power of suggestion suggests if you give them a choice they will pick something. Try this at the home and see what happens. "Would you like broccoli or carrots with your dinner" (or whatever it is you're serving). Do report back. (Click here to see the full article published in the Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity).

Ciao for now. Have a fruit and veggie filled week!
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