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Newsbites 7-14 volume 1 - Burger King Trans-fat Free, Teens and Asthma

There has been a lot of foodie news this past week that I couldn't resist writing about. But then I ended up with this reeeeaaaaaallly long post that I wouldn't even want to read through. So i decided to break it up into 3 posts to give your eyes a little break in between. I also thought I'd try my hand at some 'headlines'. Let me know what you think. Here is the first batch:

Burger King finally gets rid of trans fats -The fast food giant announced they have successfully tested a new trans-fat free oil with consumers. In taste tests BK found consumers reported they either thought products cooked in the new oil tasted the same or better than when prepared with trans-fat oil. I tell ya, in the near future trans-fat may be obsolete. But don't forget, trans-fat free does not mean fat-free! All fats and oils contain the same number of calories per tablespoon, 120 calories. Those French fries will be just as greasy with the new trans free oil than the old trans-full oil.

Teens + poor eating habits = asthma. If you've got teens you may want to curb their BK visits, and the like, to help prevent lung problems such as asthma. According to a study released this week from the Harvard School of Public Health, teens who ate the least amount of fruit (vitamin C), nuts and unsaturated oils (vitamin E) and fish (omega-3 fatty acids) were most likely to suffer from either asthma, wheezing, coughing and poor lung function. Need I say more?
(I don't think the study has been published yet so no link to it. But click here to read more in an online article about the research on MSNBC's website.)

Teens, have a fruit, nut and fish filled day (don't go overboard on the nuts- be mindful of calories)!
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