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Healthy Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas

Valentine's Day is just 2 days away and chances are your child's classroom is gonna go all out with the treats. Nothing wrong with treats, as long as they really are 'treats', meaning we don't overindulge and consume them too frequently. But if you're looking to spin a healthy twist on the classroom party here are a couple ideas that should help.

* Fruit smoothies made with bananas, frozen strawberries, nonfat milk and a little juice. Add ice and you get more smoothie for fewer calories
* Frozen grapes
* Frozen cherries
* Frozen fruit bars
* Cut up mangoes and mix in blueberries and raspberries
or dixie cups filled with raspberries or blueberries
* Applesauce cups
* 100% fruit fruit leathers
* Dark chocolate squares - the darker the better for more antioxidant power
* Corn nuts
* Small bags of trail mix with a few M&Ms mixed in (moderation's key)
* 94% Fat Free microwave Kettle Corn
* Frosted Mini-wheats and/or other whole grain breakfast cereal
* Caramel, cinnamon, chocolate or apple-cinnamon mini rice cakes
* Sweet potato fries (or baked of course)
* Pudding cups

For some fun red kid friendly beverages try:
* Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion and Tropicana Light Fruit Punch have just 10 calories per can
* Crystal Light fruit punch or pink lemonade
* Diet Cranberry Juice

If it's a cold wintry day sugar free instant hot cocoa hits the spot.

And of course Valentine's Day stickers are always well-received with the little ones and sugar free :)

If you've got other healthy Valentine's Day ideas to share send them along. Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

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