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Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Kids & Teens

If your kids haven't made their New Year's resolutions yet, here are some great ones from the American Academy of Pediatrics with a few additions/modifications from me.

* I will clean up my toys.
* I won't tease the family dog or even a friendly dog, and I will avoid being bitten by keeping my fingers and face away from his mouth.

School Age Kids
* I will drink low fat 1% milk (or calcium & vitamin D fortified soy or rice milk) and lots of it
* I will limit soda and fruit drinks.
* I'll never give out personal information such as my name, home address, school name, or telephone number in an Internet chat room or on an Internet bulletin board. * Also, I'll never send a picture of myself to someone I chat with on the computer without my parent's permission.

* I will eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day (French fries won't count) - for all ages
* I will limit the amount of sugary soda and fruit drinks I have.
* I will wipe negative "self talk" (i.e. "I can't do it" or "I'm so dumb") out of my vocabulary.

I will post a few more goodies tomorrow in honor of the actual New Year beginning. And please send me any good resolutions you or your kids have made for better health.

Happy Happy New Year!
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