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Have You Tried MyPyramid.gov Lately?

Do you want to know how many calories you or your kids should be eating every day; or how much fruit and veggies, meat, bread or dairy foods? If you haven't already checked out the website MyPyramid.gov check it out!

It's a great tool that is so easy to use and tells you approximately how much (or how little) of what you need every day. MyPyramid is the "new" food pyramid from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that came out last year. A lot of people still aren't aware of it and still think we're using the old Food Guide Pyramid. Well, that got an overhaul and MyPyramid was the outcome.

What's unique about the new food pyramid is it is no longer a one size fits all. Oh no, MyPyramid was designed as a personalized approach to help each one of us make healthy food choices on a daily basis (and also reminds us to be active). It emphasizes what YOU need daily, not your neighbor Sam.

How does it do this? The website walks you through it but essentially you input your age (or your kid's age), gender and how much physical activity you get per day. With that info it calculates how many calories you should eat and how much from each food group. The site gives you examples of foods from all the food groups and how to figure out what the correct portion is for you for certain foods. It's pretty cool.

Keep in mind it's not completely accurate because it doesn't take into account your height and weight. USDA tried to make the MyPyramid.gov website as user friendly as possible so their thought was the less info folks have to input the more likely they would be to use the tool. Nonetheless it's free, easy and very informative. They even have a page just for kids with games and fun activities to get them excited about healthy eating (send your kid to http://mypyramid.gov/kids/index.html).

Check it out and let me know what you think of it. Then let me know if you met your fruit and veggie intake.
Here's the full address of the site http://mypyramid.gov/
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