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Give Activity Inspiring Gifts

Holiday gift giving is the perfect time to introduce some activity promoting gifts that will get your kid moving. I came across some great activity related gift ideas on the Newswise today from a Purdue University childhood fitness expert, Carole DeHaven. So I thought I'd better share them with you before you've completed all your holiday shopping (I'll be in the stores Xmas eve guaranteed).

DeHaven is telling parents to not only give active gifts but to take the time to get involved themselves in the activity with their kids. According to DeHaven "This time together also is an opportunity for adults to demonstrate how to use the new toy and address any safety concerns. Safety should always be first when promoting an active lifestyle for children."

And it goes without saying (but I'll do it anyway), if you as a parent or caregiver are showing junior how to use the new toy, bike, rollerblades or whatever it is, you're getting a little exercise too.

Here are DeHaven's movin' gift tips:

* Bicycle, sled, skates or in-line skates. Be sure to provide the necessary safety gear.
* Pedometers for the whole family. Challenge family members to see who can log the most footsteps in a day.
* Jump ropes, tumbling mats, balls, pogo sticks or Hula-Hoops.
* Active board games like Twister, or virtual reality games where children dance or participate in aerobic football.
* A variety of community resources. For example, give a coupon to meet a child every Tuesday for a walk in the park.
* Money to pay for their participation in organized sports, such as local youth programs for sports, gymnastics or ballet.
* Books that promote physical activity, such as "Angelina's Ballet Class."
* Favorite music for a child to dance to.

Kids really do have the best play toys that we can take hint from. Which I did. I recently purchased a hippity hop for myself and let me tell you not only is it fun to bounce around on that thing, but I work up a sweat.

If you're got any other activity inspiring gifts, send those ideas along and I'll chare them with y'all.

Ok.. I'm gonna go hop around my living room now.

(photos courtesy of basykes and lobo235)
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