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Ghastly Grand Rounds

What a spooky Halloween Grand Rounds! Dr. Hebert, of Doctor Hebert's Medical Gumbo, hosted a ghoulishly delicious Grand Rounds this week all in honor of my personal favorite holiday (well not really a holiday but we do seem to celebrate). I must say Dr. Hebert is quite the clever poet. You will thoroughly enjoy his round up of the ghastliest healthcare blogs out there in Halloween Grand Rounds.

On heartstring note, Dr. Hebert opened with a most touching story of his trick-or-treating experience with his children last year in Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana. Despite only 1 in 5 houses in their neighborhood being inhabited, the kids trudged forward through mounds of trash, debris and discarded furniture to keep the Halloween tradition alive. Makes you think.

And thank you Dr. Hebert for including my submission More Health and Safety Tips for Halloweenie!

Enjoy and as always have a fruit and veggie filled day!
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