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Fad Diets: This Week's Newsweek

Happy Monday Everyone!
Any of you get Newsweek? Well if you do take a look at the Health section in the May 28th issue that hit newsstands today. The story is The Dieter's Dilemma. I and fellow American Dietetic Association spokespersons Amy Jamieson-Petronic and Susan Moores are all quoted in it. How cool is that?

(If you don't get the magazine here's the link to the article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18754289/site/newsweek/)

The piece is all about wacky fad diets and why oh why we want to keep trying them. Right now a diet based on your astrological sign is all the rage. I mean give me a break! But it believe it or not these things sell!

And I have to admit I used to be one of the people buying them. In the Newsweek article I admit to trying many of these fad diets myself before I became a dietitian. But it began well before I even thought of going into the nutrition field. The crazy yo-yo dieting for me got out of control when I was a teenager. And I am afraid to say that is when a lot of women get started on that cycle, very early on in their lives.

I encourage keeping those lines of communication open as much as possible with your kids and leaving all judgment out of it if you can. Talking about health and nutrition in a balanced way is so important, but talking about what our bodies look like or what poor behavior we're practicing is not. Try to refrain from any comments negative or positive. You never know how they will be interpreted.

All of my crazy dieting throughout my life as a teen, young adult and young career woman led me to the path I am on now, that of a registered dietitian. So I turned out ok. But reading the article reminded me of how gullible I used to be, trying every fad diet. I wanted to share that with you and how it can start well before adulthood.

What fad diets have you tried? And when? Do you still find yourself tempted by any new fangled ones that find their way to your local bookstore or small screen infomercial? (Somebody has got to have tried the diet by astrological sign). Please do share and let's have a laugh and perhaps learn a thing or two about what to avoid, because there are no miracles - except fruits and veggies of course :)

You know what kind of a day to have.....
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