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Down and Out: Isn't Flu Season Over?

My apologies for being MIA this week. I have been laid up with a flu that knocked me for a loop. I am still home sick in bed but finally had enough energy today to get online and at least say hi, and let you I'll be back up and running soon. I will still try to post the Recipe of the Week by end of day today.

Having the flu really messes with healthy eating habits I have to say. First of all you, or I guess in this case, am way too lethargic to get out of bed and make anything to eat. And second nothing sounds good. All I wanted to have these last several days was Propel Fitness Water, fruit smoothies and cold mashed potatoes. They are all very soothing on the throat and don't require chewing (I caught a glimpse of what very old age might be like on a soft food diet..not so bad). Chewing caused more head pounding and pressure.

I really have had zero appetite for anything else, besides the fact that I was starving. I did try to eat some lentil soup but that just seemed to make my fever go higher (probably psychological I know.. but I was definitely perspiring more) and the heat made my stomach nauseous.

I wonder why when we are ill and it is most crucial for us to eat our healthful best, we have no appetite. At least I don't. This reminded of the line in the "The Devil Wears Prada" where the snotty assistant to Meryl Streep says "I'm just one flu away from my goal weight". I know what she is talking about. It's brutal.

But I know better. Yet I still haven't been able to bring myself to eat real food. Does anyone have any background knowledge they'd like to share as to why we experience such contradictory behavior? We need adequate nutrition to support our immune system. But when mine is down, that's the last thing I want do is eat well.. or eat much at all.

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