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Candy Free Halloween Treats (and Tricks)

I just came from the grocery store and saw a Mom stuff her cart full of Halloween candy, I assume in preparation for next Tuesday night's trick-or-treaters. And of course all that candy was right there at the front of the store in a huge display. Wouldn't it be great if there was a huge display of non-candy alternatives we could get right there where everyone could see them? Hopefully that day will come but in the meantime I thought I'd give you some other ideas for treats you can give out this year guilt free.

If you want to go the non food route try:
· Temporary tattoos
· Stickers
· Small plastic spider rings
· Super balls
· Colorful pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil tops and pens
· Pencil sharpeners
· Plastic or wax fangs
· Bracelets and rings for the girls
· Hair accessories like barrettes, hair ties and bows (also for the girls)
· Spinning tops
· Plastic animals and characters
· Shoelaces
· Coloring books
· Shoelaces
· Key rings
· Marbles
· Various party favors like the little slide puzzles
· Notepads
· Magnets
· Whistles
· Bubbles
· Noisemakers like kazoos
· Jacks
· Yo-yos

If you want to do food type stuff try:
· Small raisin boxes
· Individually sized bags of nuts or trail mix
· Chewy or nutty granola bars
· Sugar-free gum
· Fruit cups
· Applesauce cups
· Pudding cups
· Individually sized cereal boxes
· Fruit leather (make sure it's 100% fruit with no added sugar like high fructose corn syrup)
· 100 calorie microwave popcorn bags

The options are really endless. If you've got some creative ideas or giveaways that you've done for past Halloweens that kids liked, pass 'em all along and I'll post them so everybody can take advantage.

Have a healthy and cavity free Halloweenie!

(Photo courtesy of Miala)
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