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California Childhood Obesity Conference

This week I will be attending the California Childhood Obesity Conference starting Wednesday. I plan to post a round up of the workshops I attend each day. So I won't post a "recipe of the week" this week (unless I learn one in one of the workshops), but will resume next.

I am pretty excited about this conference. They only hold it every other year and it brings together professionals from every aspect of child health dedicated to the fight against childhood obesity. Just to mention a few the conference attracts physicians, registered dietitians, physical activity specialists, nurses, health educators, psychologists, counselors, healthcare policy makers, researchers, media, business and civic leaders, parks and recreation personnel and so on. It's a great place to network and really learn more about what's being done to combat this epidemic. There are always good lectures that focus on the "how did we get here?" aspect of obesity, really delving into our physiology.

I hope to bring you back some good information and news you can use. Click on the link in the first paragraph to read more about the conference. If you see a session or workshop that you think is particularly interesting, let me know and I'll try to attend it.

Have a fruit and veggie filled week. Get back to you in a couple.
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